Regional Planning Consortiums


The Regional Planning Consortium (RPC) is where collaboration, problem solving and system improvements for the integration of mental health, addiction treatment services and physical healthcare can occur in a way that is data informed, person and family centered, cost efficient and results in improved overall health for adults and children in our communities. 

The RPC is a network of 11 regional boards, community stakeholders, and Managed Care Organizations that work closely with our State partners to guide behavioral health policy in the regions to problem-solve and develop lasting solutions to service delivery challenges. 


RPC Mailing List:

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RPC LinkedIn Group:

The NYS Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors has created the NYS Regional Planning Consortium (RPC) group on LinkedIn. By joining this group you can receive updates on the RPCs in your region and across the state. If you would like to get engaged in the discussion, receive updates, and share your thoughts then please click HERE to join.