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Post Date: April 9, 2014

CLMHD Behavioral Health Portal

CLMHD Dialogues
CLMHD Behavioral Health Portal Login & Dialogues

Link to Portal login.
**In order to access the portal, you must use the username and password which was emailed to you.

CLMHD 3.29.16 Behavioral Health Portal Webinar

CLMHD 11/2015 Inquiry Report Webinar and Chart Pack
CLMHD 10/2015 PSYCKES for LGUs Dialogue

Behavioral Health Portal Helpful Links:  CLMHD Dashboard & Portal Dialogue:  A One-Stop Shop for All Your Data Needs!
Webinar VIII in the Dashboard Series 6.24.15 Portal Inpatient/Outpatient Transitions here
Webinar VII in the Dashboard Series 5.27.15 The Initiative Map here
CLMHD 3/2015 Behavioral Health Portal
CLMHD 2/2015 Medicaid DSRIP Dashboard

2015 TAP
CLMHD 3/2015 Jail-Health Home Connection Webinar

Webinar VI in the Dashboard Series 7.25.2014 Fiscal Dashboard here
Webinar V in the Dashboard Series 6.20.2014 CSP 2015 Output Reports here
Webinar IV in the Dashboard Series 5.16.14: Inpatient Admissions Data here.
Webinar III in the Dashboard Series 4.14.14: Service Utilization Data here.
Webinar II in the Dashboard Series 3.21.14: Prevalence Data here.
Webinar I in the Dashboard Series 2.14.14: Overview of the Dashboard here. 

Under the guidance of the Mental Hygiene Planning Committee the CLMHD Behavioral Health Portal was developed for an efficient, integrated, uniform Behavioral Health planning that identifies and quantifies current and emerging needs, to support local services management.

CLMHD Behavioral Health Portal was developed to provide regional views of county planning and other datasets to monitor and track the impact of the state's behavioral health transformation including the implementation of managed care and the transition of individuals with mental illness or developmental disabilities from State psychiatric centers and developmental centers to community-based settings.