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FRIDAY, MAR 16, 2018

RPCs are Hiring Two Part-Time Regional Coordinators!

Regional Planning Consortiums (RPCs) are hiring two part-time Regional Coordinators: 

Job Responsibilities: RPC Regional Coordinators monitor, manage and coordinate all elements and aspects of their region’s NYS Regional Planning Consortium. RPC Project Coordinators report directly to the State Project Director; however, they have a day-to-day reporting responsibility to the region’s RPC Co-Chairs.

Funding for these positions is only guaranteed until December 2019. Travel is expected within the course of business day, with very seldom overnight travel.

About the RPCs: RPCs are a statewide initiative closely tied to the public behavioral healthcare system in 10 regions of New York State.  The RPCs are an integral component in sharing local impact and collaboratively problem solving around the transition of Medicaid behavioral health care services into a Medicaid Managed Care benefit, and around other new initiatives (including HARP/HCBS, Health Homes, Primary Care/Behavioral Health Integration and Value-Based Payment) which impact the behavioral healthcare system in NY. An in-depth description of the project objectives and RPC structure can be found by visiting